3 Healthy Drinks That Increase Metabolism of the Body
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3 Healthy Drinks That Increase Metabolism of the Body

Learn the 3 Healthy Drinks that Increase Metabolism of the Body. This article provides information about the benefits of water, coffee and green tea in losing weight effectively.

There are many reasons why a person is eager to make his body as fit as possible. Some perform daily exercises just to shape their muscles others gave their best to keep their body fit for better health. Whatever the purpose of their exercise and fitness regimen, the most important is to increase the body's metabolism to make it healthier and physically fit. There are many ways to increase the body's metabolism in fact this article provides the 3 healthy drinks that increase metabolism.

Metabolism is actually the level which the body has the ability to burn calories. Most of this process is completely reliant to uncontrollable factors like gender, age, and ratio of body muscles and fats. Increasing the body’s metabolism is increasing the possibility of losing weight effectively. Knowing the effective ways to lose weight naturally is vital in maintaining our body’s normal and healthy weight.

Ways to Boost Metabolism

Fortunately there are some other things that we can also control and this is through performing exercise, performing proper and healthy exercise could increase the metabolism of the body. For instance, fat burning aerobic exercise could burn calories instantly and increases metabolism in just few hours. Even though muscle building could only burn few calories, it would still be helpful for the overall metabolism of the body. Not just doing physical exercise could increase the body's metabolism, but also making the best choices on healthy foods preferably fat burning foods as well as beverages.

Boosting the body's metabolism is one of the best and cheapest ways to apply in every weight loss strategy. It is really hard to lose weight if we don't reduce our consumptions of calories as well as applying exercises which are proven to burn excess fats. However, having the knowledge about the drinks we consume, we can possibly reduce excess fats without having to undergo strenuous exercises or activities. These are the 3 healthy drinks that increase metabolism and lose weight.

Drinks That Increase Metabolism and Lose Excess Weight


Drink 8 cups of water every day, this would not just increase the body's metabolism it will also keep the body hydrated. In fact, there are many health benefits of water, the capability of water to burn calories also need water. If the body is not fully hydrated, it has no capability to burn calories and lose excess weight.


Coffee is another best and cheap way to increase the body's metabolism. In fact, this is already the daily eating routine of most busy people. Coffee has the ability to increase 16 percent in metabolism activity of the body 2 cups of coffee could burn 50 calories that is why it is also good in losing the body's excess weight.

Green Tea

Green tea is a well know healthy drink which contains antioxidants that help prevent most cancer formation within the body. It is also very effective in increasing the body's metabolism which results in effective fat burning, this is because of its catechins just like antioxidants.

Drinking any of those mentioned above would really give a go to our daily life. When losing weight, just choose those drinks that increase metabolism. There are many other remedies to lose weight but it is very important to always prefer natural remedies than chemically made or surgical procedures.

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Comments (6)

Glad to know that cofee is included in the list.

I believe what Mark means about coffee is, no-milk or cream added and little sugar. You can can have a look at my post on Water Diet at: http://infoshelter.infopirate.org/_what-your-experience-water-diet

i am not certain of the health benefits of coffee. however, it can certainly boost the metabolism of the body. thank you for sharing

Good Job

Great to know. I feel great when I drink lots of water. Coffee wouldn't work for ME, though, because I love it with lots of flavored creamer and sugar! ; )

Excellent job, Mark, voted up and now a follower!!