Green Tea Benefits:Home Remedies to Improve Metabolism and Lose Weight
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Green Tea Benefits:Home Remedies to Improve Metabolism and Lose Weight

Green tea to improve metabolism and to lose weight.

Did you know green tea can help improve metabolism and in turn to lose weight. Losing weight is a task everyone takes seriously at one time or another in the whole lifetime. People always look out for easy and short methods to lose weight. It is important to check whether these easy and shortcut weight lose methods are free of any side effect. Drinking green tea is advised by the dietitians as the natural way of improving your metabolism and losing weight.

How does Green Tea Improve Metabolism?

Catechin polyphenols is the important ingredient in green tea that helps to improve your metabolism. This is known as a secondary metabolite which increases human metabolism rate by 4%. Green tea improves the biodegradation process and in turn increases the normal fat burning rate. Catechin polyphenols in green tea also inhibits the conversion of proteinogenic amino acids, known as histidine to an organic nitrogen component histamine. This organic nitrogen component is the trigger zone of the inflammatory response unit in our body.

How to take green tea if you are planning to lose weight:

When we read a lot about green tea and its effects on metabolism and weight loss, there is a common question that arise in the mind. How to go about it? What is the best way to take green tea? You can get a packet of green tea from a reputed grocery store or at a health store. Dietitians advice to take green tea along with a meal. Dietitian and the continuing education specialist,from Pharmavite, the famous nature made and nature’s resource supplement and drug makers, Lynn Moss insists to take green tea along with the meal to improve metabolism and to help reducing weight without exasperating the adrenal glands.

Who should avoid taking green tea?

There are certain medical conditions and medications create adverse reaction if taken along with green tea. People with the below medical conditions or those who take medications related to these conditions should consult their physician before taking green tea.

  • Those who undergo treatment for irregular heartbeat
  • Treatment for Anxiety and depression or other psychological issues
  • Treatment for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Chemotherapy treatment

There are certain medications like Adenosine, Benzodiazepines, Aspirin lose their power or produce side effects while taken along with green tea or similar caffeine drinks. If you have any medical condition or taking these medication, it is always advisable to take caffeine related products with caution or after discussing with your physician. Drug interaction with caffeine products can create serious side effects. They also reduce the curing power of the medications. Always read the instructions that come along with medicine sheets for such specifications.


Green Tea Extract Increases Metabolism, May Aid in Weight Loss,

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