How to Gain Weight and Be Healthy
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How to Gain Weight and Be Healthy

Learn how to gain weight. What are the problems of being too thin. What is best to eat for a person who is too thin? How can a thin person gain weight? Tips for weight gain.

So much is written about weight loss, but what about people with a metabolism that causes them to have weight issues that leave them too thin, underweight, and short of energy?

If you are thin you are probably tired of hearing about weight loss and want to gain weight.  You are tired of hearing the jokes about how thin you are, people telling you to "eat more", and you just want to find a healthy weight.

Being Too Thin is Not Healthy

Obesity is a real problem in most nations, and has loads of health risks, however being underweight is also unhealthy and has its own health risks.  Here are some of the problems associated with being too thin:

  • Tiredness
  • Weaker immune system
  • Slower recovery from illness
  • Irregular menstruation cycle
  • Hair loss
  • Poor teeth
  • Skin problems

How to Gain Weight and be Healthy

Eating more sugar and junk food is not the way to gain weight.  This will result in further health problems, so the key to proper weight gain involves eating right.

Drinking water is important, as it will help with digestion.  Water is also used to help people to lose weight as the water helps them to feel full.  The key for the person who is trying to gain weight is to drink the water in small sips with the meal, or after, rather than drinking it before eating. 

Eating more carbohydrates will help with weight gain.  Carbohydrates should be roughly 60-70 % of the diet, with proteins around 10 %, fruits and vegetables making up the difference.  Yogurt can be added on top of bowls of fruit.

You want to look to increase your calorie intake by adding calorie rich items into your meals.  Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, can be added to salads, or chopped finely and added to breakfast cereals or cooked rice.  Cheese can be shredded and used as a topping on vegetables and potatoes.  Even cooked eggs (ideally free range eggs) can be diced and added to vegetable dishes.

Snack regularly thoughout the day on calorie rich items, such as nuts and peanut butter.  Leave a tray of snacks out that you can help yourself to throughout the day.  This will encourage you to nibble and will help you to gain weight.

Drink fruit juices rather than coffee or tea.  If you do drink coffee or tea, add milk.

Chew your food really well, this helps with digestion so you will absorb more nutrition out of the food you eat. With meat, well cooked meat, and meat that has been marinated before cooking, is easier to digest, and therefore better for the person who is trying to gain weight.

Surround yourself with red, and avoid blue.  Blue acts to suppress the apetite, while red stimulates it.  This is why some restaurants use to have "Blue Plate All You Can Eat" specials, while others used red decor to encourage customers to buy more food.

Places that sell weight loss drinks also often sell drinks with extra calories to help a person gain weight.  These should be used in addition to a meal, not as a meal replacement.  They should be consumed after meals, or along with snacks.

Speak to a doctor in regards to underlying medical conditions that could be hampering your weight gain.  Thyroid, and hormone, problems could affect a persons metabolism and result in poor weight gains.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to avoid stress, or learn how to manage it better.  Stress is a major factor in weight management.  Many people who are stressed find it very hard to gain weight.  Spend time in the yard or go for a walk in the park to relax and unwind. 

A Tip about Exercise

Exercise is important to remain healthy, however it does burn calories.  You should note that muscle weighs more than fat, so as you work out you may gain muscle and weight, but will not "get bigger" where you may want it.  You should participate in some form of exercise as it does help your stomach to digest, walking is a good exercise for a person who is trying to gain weight.

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Comments (6)

Very helpful information indeed! It's sad to see someone overweight or underweight. Voted up!

Very well composed article and done with compassion too.

Excellent article on metabolism and I love the exercise tip.

Excellent article.

Exercise really is a must. I do like people who are not too thin. Great write.

Great article, and I agree exercise is really important for everyone.