Should You Limit The Amount Of Gatorade That You Consume?
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Should You Limit The Amount Of Gatorade That You Consume?

If so, how much Gatorade (per day) is over-the-limit - and why?

Asked by Marlene A. Mania on Jul 19, 2010

4 Answers

Nick Carter   L2: Contributor   34 answers   +42 votes
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In my opinion, unless you are actually playing a sport or doing an exercise where you are burning a lot of calories, you should avoid Gatorade or any other sports drink.

All sports drinks are loaded with carbs to deliver energy to a body that is working hard. If you drink these types of drinks without doing the exercise, you are taking in way more calories than you need. Remember any calories over your required daily total, adds to weight gain.

Sitting at a desk and you're thirsty? Drink water. Save the Gatorade for when you really need it.

Posted on Jul 19, 2010
Sharla Smith   L5: Authority   33 answers   +45 votes
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Gatorade also has a higher sodium content intended to replace lost electrolytes due to heavy sweating.  So, I guess the answer to your question depends on what you are doing, but water (as Nick mentioned) is always a safe and healthy bet.

Posted on Jul 19, 2010
Carolyn Cordon   L2: Contributor   3 answers   +6 votes
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You should limit the amount of everything you consume if you have any issues with poor health. Excess consumption of Gatorade can lead to kidney problems, bad teeth and excess weight gain. If you are engaged in an active life, where you sweat a lot, then drinks such as Gatorade can certainly play an important part in your diet. But if you are not sweating and working a lot physically, Gatorade should not be taken. If you live an average kind of life and don't work hard physically, water should be your drink of choice. Water is cheap and it is very effictive in rehydrating the average person.

Excess consumption of salt has been shown to lead to high blood pressure, stroke, oedema, kidney problems and other health problems. Most people already consume too much salt in their diet, so for those who aren't sweating and losing lots of water and body salts, there is nor place for Gatorade in a healthy diet.


Posted on Jul 20, 2010
Sheila Peterson   L1: Member   8 answers   +2 votes
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Absolutely!  It's not a natural food, so consuming a lot of it is toxic overload.  Try coconut water instead.  It's considered to be the natural sports drink.  Green supplements and green smoothies will give you energy too and lots of nutrients. 

Posted on Dec 11, 2011

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