What Foods Burn Fat?
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What Foods Burn Fat?

Stress, erratic lifestyles and poor eating habits have all amounted to big bellies; what’s more, being overweight raises your risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and cardiac disorders significantly. You need to incorporate foods that help burn fat in to your everyday menu. The following foods have been touted as ‘immediate fat burners’ and they promise ‘quick fat burning’. They guarantee to help you lose pounds and pounds of superfluous and undesirable fat within an interval of two weeks.

Lose Weight in 2 Weeks: How to Lose Weight Quickly

  • Capsicum
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Parsley
  • Herbal tea (basil mint, lemongrass and sage)

Foods That Burn Belly Fat: How to Lose Fat Fast

Certain combinations of food facilitate quick weight loss; what’s more they act naturally, yet effectively. They are:

  • Peppermint, ginger and lemongrass decoction: boil these three foods in water, and have up to 5 glasses everyday; this blend has astonishing fat burning properties. It promises to burn up to 1.5 kg per week, and also helps in maintenance of weight
  • Honey and cinnamon: cinnamon is a weight loss spice. When blended with honey, it encourages speedy weight loss. The spice has powerful blood sugar lowering properties; thus it helps maintain a normal glucose profile in diabetics and facilitates optimal weight loss in them.
  • Bell peppers, cabbage and tomatoes: before each meal, make sure that you have 1 glass of freshly expressed cabbage, tomato and capsicum juice; it guarantees considerable weight reduction.

Foods that Burn Stomach Fat: Best Foods for Burning Fat

  • Water: ensure that your intake of water is good. You ought to consume 12 to 15 glasses of water daily. Water accelerates metabolic activity and encourages weight loss. It helps get rid of unwanted fat successfully.
  • Green Tea: experts state that green tea has amazing weight loss and weight maintenance benefits. It helps detox the colon, sluices out wastes, perks up metabolic rate and assists in weight reduction. Health-promoting chemicals found in green tea are exceedingly beneficial in burning fat and boosting metabolism.
  • Complex carbohydrates: incorporate loads of complex carbs in to your daily diet; steer clear of starch, sugary foods that are paced with simple sugars. Foods such as whole wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn, contain complex carbohydrates and are chockfull of dietary fiber. These are called ‘thermogenic foods’, i.e. help you stay fuller for longer and support weight reduction.
  • Fruits: are packed with fiber and act as fat burners. Dietary fiber helps have normal bowel movement; it purges out old, encrusted matter and peps up metabolic activity appreciably. What’s more, fruits have very little calories; however do avoid bananas, custard apples, mangoes and grapes.
  • Vegetables: are also loaded with dietary fiber. Additionally, most vegetables are called ‘negative calorie foods’. They boost metabolism, check storage of fat and have quick-satiety value.
  • Spices: speed up metabolism and enhance the body’s ability to burn surplus fat easily. Include small amounts (about 1 pinch thrice daily) of cinnamon, clove, turmeric and cumin in to your daily diet.

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Good informative article. I am quite clued up on healthy eating but there were a few tips here that I didn't know about and will certainly be trying out. Thanks

A wealth of information here! You can believe, I'll continue to and begin eating more of these foods. Thanks for the info

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